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Dr. Gerard Jellig Relishes Opportunities to Turn Educational Institutions Around

If there’s anyone who knows how to turn a school around, it’s Dr. Gerard Jellig. Jerry Jellig has provided the leadership and guidance necessary to improve the performances of numerous educational institutions. Dr. Gerard Jellig is an experienced and trusted educator and administrator and many schools have him to thank for their recent success.

KIPP DC WILL Academy, a school within the National Charter School Network, was struggling academically and had the highest suspension rate in the network. Jerry Jellig and his team of principals and teachers turned this under-achieving institution into one of the network’s most thriving school cultures. Since Dr. Gerard Jellig’s involvement, KIPP DC has shown vast academic improvement and it now has the network’s lowest suspension rate and highest collective GPA.

But Jerry Jellig hasn’t just improved overall student performance, he is also a valuable asset when it comes to school budgeting and human resources leadership. While helping turn around WILL Academy, Dr. Gerard Jellig oversaw the hiring decisions and handled budgeting decisions. Through his leadership in these areas, the school hired 12 new staff members and a new leadership team, which have played integral roles in the institution’s sustained success.

Dr. Gerard Jellig’s role has shifted to that of an academic administrator. He was previously the superintendent of the South Brunswick School District in New Jersey. He oversaw a school district comprised of more than 9,000 students, 1,300 staff across 12 schools. While leading the school district in a positive direction, Jerry Jellig was able to successfully manage a $150 million budget through two clean audits, completing large scale capital improvements, and launching a district-wide wellness campaign . Dr. Gerard Jellig wasted no time in accelerating the South Brunswick School District. In just his first year as superintendent, he helped one of the district’s schools get removed from state monitoring because of the improvement it showed under his leadership.

Jerry Jellig’s leadership even spans into board room policy. While serving as a board member of the South Brunswick Board of Education, Dr. Gerard Jellig has helped write and implement numerous policies, including one on harassment, intimidation, and bullying, and another on social media usage. He also helped introduce the district’s Acceptable Use Policies (AUP).  Mobile devices, previously banned from their middle schools and high schools, are not utilized safely and smartly for student achievement.

Dr. Gerard Jellig continues to help the world of academia improve by also teaching several college courses on educational leadership. He is an adjunct professor in the Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Education Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as an adjunct professor at Rowan University in New Jersey, teaching graduate-level courses such as “School Law” and “School Leadership.”

What better person than Dr. Gerard Jellig to be teaching those subjects to our future educators?